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Product commission Fee Charge: 

Sales commission charged by orgoshop is a percentage It is calculated as a percentage of the Order Item Value, which includes selling price and shipping charge paid by customer. It excludes discount offered by Seller.. The percentage varies based on the category, sub-category, selling price of the item (or order item value), The fee ranges between 5% – 30%. in future commission fee will changes as per sales and seller performance.

Closing Fee Charge: 

Closing fee is charged on every successful sale on orgoshops marketplace platform that is any order which is not returned or cancelled. This varies based on Order Item Value and sub-category the product belongs to. Closing fee is not charged in case of customer or courier returns. seller shall pay Rs. 10/- for closing fee

Collection Fee Charge: 

Payment collection charges for orders placed on orgoshops marketplace platform. Selling price is equal to the amount paid by the Customer including shipping charges paid by them, if any. Same collection fee rate card applies for all seller performance tiers. Seller shall pay Rs. 20/- or 2.7% of Selling Price (whichever is higher) to
orgoshops as payment collection fees.

Shipping Fee Charge: 

Shipping Fee is charged for shipping order items to customers. Chargeable weight is calculated as the higher of volumetric or dead weight of the product when measured with primary packaging. It also varies based on shipment destination – local, zonal and national. Moreover, it varies based on the performance of the seller in terms of fulfilment rate, shipping time, cancellation rate etc based on which the seller is given a tier