Veena Products Neem & Thulsi Natural Essential Oil Soap – 100 g ( Pack of 3 )

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<    Promotes hair growth.

<    Treats oily hair.

<    Fight Skin Problems.

<    Helps in digestion.

<    For treating earache.

<    Treats mouth ulcers.

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Availability:7 in stock

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The sweet, mildly floral, earthy and woody aroma of the Natural Tulsi Perfume Oil is an authentic, unique and a sophisticated one. Using Basil fragrance would make you feel like walking through the richness and the scent of a well maintained garden. In addition to this, the cool, earthy undertones of tulsi fragrance oil can never go unnoticed. The versatile nature of Holy Basil Fragrance Oil, gives it the ability to impart nurturing properties along with being an earthy, woody scent, a totally delightful one.

Highly rich aroma of the Organic Holy Basil Scented Oil has a warm depth and imparts great power to the atmosphere, making it calm, relaxing and comfortable. A unique and amazingly scented fragrance oil, it has the ability to create a comforting ambience and elicit feelings of relaxation. Basil Perfume Oil is best for use in purposes like preparation of cosmetic products (toners, moisturizers, face packs, face washes and such), perfumes, air fresheners, diffuser oils, scented candles, scented soaps and incense sticks.

Soap Making: A refreshingly fragranced soap bar gives a luxurious and rich feel to the skin. You can add your favourite 10 ml of Tulsi Perfume Oil in a 150 grams soap base to get perfectly scented soap bars.

Scented Candle: Scented candles with calm and comforting aromas are made using fragrance oil in a calculated quantity. To obtain perfect smelling scented candles, you can use 15 ml of Holy Basil Fragrance Oil for 250 grams candle wax flakes. Make sure you measure your quantities correctly so that the fragrance doesn’t get overpowered.

Skin Care and Cosmetic Products: Mild and gentle scented cosmetic products are made using Fragrance oil in very little proportion to not react to the skin.

Aromatic Bath: A good aromatic bath in a bathtub helps to relax and calm the body. You can add 5-6 drops of basil perfume oil in a bathtub to enjoy the aromatic bath’s rejuvenating and relaxing session.

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