Veena Products Hair Oil – 200 ML ( Pack of 2 )

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<   Keeps the scalp hydrated.

<   Improves Hair Growth.

<   Strengthens Your Hair.

<   Prevents Dandruff.

<   Offers Shine and Glow.

<   Avoids Premature Greying.

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Availability:10 in stock

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Hair oiling is the practice of pouring oil onto hair and massaging it into the scalp to increase moisture, luster, and shine. Hair oiling may soften the hair and provide vitamins and minerals that get stripped from frequent washing.

This practice has been used in India for centuries and is recommended in Ayurvedic medicine.

Hair oiling has spread beyond Ayurvedic practices, and many use it to maintain the health and vibrancy of their hair. It may even reduce hair loss, according to some experts.

There are also specific techniques to hair oiling, as well as different oil types you can use to get particular benefits.

Growing up in India, most of my Sunday evenings as a schoolgirl were spent putting oil in my hair. My mother would bring out the blue bottle of Parachute coconut hair oil, a fixture in most Indian homes. She would then proceed to give head massages to each of my sisters and me, one by one.

It was a sweet, attentive way to show her care for us.

When I moved out of my parents’ home to go to college, this became a weekly ritual with my roommates. We’d happily volunteer to take turns oiling each other’s hair.

While I and many South Asian women oiled their hair as a cultural tradition, there’s a fair amount of science behind the practice.

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