Veena Product Wild Yellow Turmeric Kasthuri Manjal – 250g ( Pack of 2 )

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<     Against Acne and Pimples.

<     Against Spots and Marks.

<     Fairer Skin Tone.

<     Against Oily Skin.

<     Removal of Hair.

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Availability:9 in stock

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1.Against Acne and Pimples

Kasthuri Manjal possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties which are proven to fight against pimple-causing bacteria. The wild turmeric can help in cleaning your pores by extracting all the impurities that your skin pores can involuntarily store.

If your pores are clean then you will have a smooth pimple free skin. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory characteristics take care of the already present pimple and acne on your skin.

It reduces the redness, inflammation in and around the acne and also kills the acne-causing bacteria to prevent its reoccurrence.

2.Against Spots and Marks

Pimples and acne can leave back stubborn marks and spots on your skin that can take ages to fade away.

Kasthuri Manjal is proven to treat such marks and lighten them. Regular application of this herb can help your skin eliminate those marks very soon.

3.Against Sun Damage and Wrinkles

This wild turmeric has also been a great help in the field of skin aging. The antioxidant properties of the spice contribute to preserving your skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun and help your skin in rejuvenating.7

This, in turn, gives you a younger looking skin and helps you against wrinkles.

4. Fairer Skin Tone

Kasthuri Manjal is as an excellent skin tone lightening agent. This is why Indian brides follow a turmeric treatment regimen before marriage.

Kasthuri Manjal is known to fight against the dead cells of your face and clean your skin pores from deep within. This, in turn, helps your skin to breathe and gives you that healthy fairer glow.

5. Against Oily Skin

Excess oil secretion on various sections of your face can lead to many skin issues like acne, blackheads,skin darkening, whiteheads, and a lot more.8

Kasthuri Manjal is also known to control the oil balance of your skin. It works by regulating the secretion of sebum on your face and at the same time providing the required moisture to your face.

Regular application of this herb can help you fight oily skin issues well.

6. Kasthuri Manjal For Removal of Hair

Artificial hair removal can cause skin darkening, pain, and irritation due to frequent visits to the parlour.

For centuries, Indian women have been using Kasturi Manjal for removing all that unwanted body and facial hair. It can not only totally remove the unwanted hair but can also prevent further re-growth.

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