Thaiman Organic Samburani – 2Pieces

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>    It is the best antiseptic and disinfectant.
>    Anti-inflammatory.
>    Helps in reliving stress.
>    Used for treating Skin infections.
>    To provide relief from respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.

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Sambrani is a balsamic resin comes from many trees of the Styracaceae family. The resin is dried and powdered after that sold in markets in the form of powder or blocks. The use of sambrani has been in the traditional culture for many years.

Most countries use sambrani, especially in Arab countries they use it directly. And in few countries, they use it as incense. You can use it instead of shaving sandalwood as a base for making incense cones.

It is produced in many countries of Asia like Java, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sumatra. The trees themselves do not provide any resin, they are made after deep incisions in the bark.

Farmers who grow benzoin trees normally choose a location in the forest near existing benzoin trees. They select seedlings from the tree that produces the best resin, and when the tree reaches the age of eight, they begin to give out resin. It has been extracted for almost 60 years!

1] Sambrani Makes You Calm
Most of the people buy sambrani due to its fragrance and divine feel, while discussing about fragrance one thing to note is our product vary when compared to the normal incense sticks. The sambrani smell takes you to heaven and somehow fills you with serenity and joy. Ayurveda, too, advises the use of sambrani, which calms the nerves and creates tranquility, thus preparing the person for prayer.

2] Sambrani Benefits for Hair
Many years later, women used candles to dry their hair. They light a candle, and place a straw basket on top of it. Steam escapes from the holes of the straw basket. If you keep your wet hair close to the basket, it will dry out very quickly and give a wonderful fragrant scent to your hair. If you have long and thick hair, then you will get a headache while using shampoo and hair wash during the winter months. But you don’t want to worry about it if you use sambrani to dry your hair. Try to follow this tradition, at least once.

3] Sambrani Benefits for Babies
Some may have a doubt on whether the sambrani smoke is good for babies or not… Honestly the herbal sambrani pack is highly recommended for even new born babies as it prevents the kid from cough, cold or other skin disorders. After the baby takes a bath, sambrani is lit and brought to the room. Be careful while flowing the smoke near babies as it will build up their lungs. No good day ends without Sambrani, Sambrani is always burnt during our rituals and prayers.

4] Sambrani for Mosquitoes
Every Friday morning I usually light the sambrani and take it to each room of my home. This tradition cleans the wards off mosquitoes and the whole place. The person who is most perfect with Siddha medicines, I recommend using neem leaves and kungiliyam powder with sambrani around your house. This will be very effective in preventing mosquitoes.

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