Jai Shoppee Tanjore Dancing Doll Raja/Rani, King/Queen(7 inch)

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•        It was an cute Raja Rani Pair dolls

•        Size : L10cm x W10cm x H18cm

•        Color : Pink, Material : Paper Mache

•        Paint : Royal Paint with beautiful finish

•        Thanjavur is famous for its unique style of painting that originated here

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Availability:10 in stock

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Thanjavur is famous for its unique style of painting that originated here. Other than this, the Thanjavur Dancing Dolls are very famous and said to have originated here in culture-rich Thanjavur during the reign of King Sarboji in the 19th century. What’s more, these types of dolls have been given their own geographical indicator Status by the Government of India in 2008 -2009. The Tanjore or Thanjavur dancing dolls are handmade individually using old, traditional methods. These bobble-head or roly-poly dolls are created using various materials including paper mache, plaster of Paris, terracotta or very light wood. They are crafted by traditional artisans who have been in the business for generations and have mastered the fine art of balance in these dolls. In the local Tamil language, they are called Thanjavur Thalayatti Bommai which translates to ‘Thanjavur Head-shaking Doll’. The head of these dolls is detachable and their center of gravity and body weight is always located towards its core at the lowest point. With the base always being heavier and larger than the top, the doll tends to oscillate in a continuous dancing motion at the slightest touch of the breeze. The dance-like movements slow down into slow oscillations before stopping. They make great souvenirs and showpieces for your display cabinet and are great conversation starters too!

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