Hair Dye – Less Chemical Hair dye- 45 min based Result – 100 g ( Pack of 2 )

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<    No Harsh Additives Or Chemicals.  

<    Maintain The Health of Your Hair.  

<    Cause No Breakage.

<    Work effectively.

<    Nourishes the hair shoft.

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Availability:9 in stock

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Since ancient times hair coloring has been an art. You probably know it’s one of the best ways to give yourself an identity. This is because most people pick one specific organic color and stick to it throughout their life.  

Research by The Atlantic shows that over 70% of women today dye their hair. Men as well cover grays, highlight natural hair color, and get a whole new look.  

You probably know using hair dye has become a popular practice for all genders.  

However, not all hair dyes are effective. In fact, some can cause considerable damage more than the benefits it offers to you. And this is why you need to be careful before choosing any hair dye.  

No Harsh Additives Or Chemicals  

If you have used most of the hair dyes, you probably know they are loaded with harmful chemicals. This is why they come with gloves and other protective gear because these chemicals can react with your skin or cause significant health issues.  

Most hair dyes have harmful chemicals such as ammonia, peroxide, and resorcinol. They are harmful to your skin and hair. Worst of all, they smell very bad. From them, you get an unpleasant feeling when you apply them over your head. 

Cause No Breakage  

The greatest worry of everyone who wants to try hair colouring products is breakage. This is because most of the chemical hair colours have a reputation for breaking hair at a high rate. But this is not the case with organic products.  

As mentioned earlier, organic hair colours are made of herbs. Some of the herbs used to create these products effectively protect your hair and cure some common hair defects.  

So, if you have been having problems with hair breakage, then it’s time to switch to organic hair products. Whether you have short or long hair, the coloring process of organic products is gentle. Your hair is protected and grows to your desired length without breaking.  

Super Vasmol Aamla Shakti is a perfect dye for people with hair prone to breakage. It colors your hair and prevents common breakages.  

Maintain The Health of Your Hair  

The best organic hair color is made of natural ingredients such as Rosemary protein, Bran Extract, Rhubarb, Herbal extract, Chinchona plant, among other herbs. All these ingredients are effective in giving long-lasting hair colouring.  

Organic products have natural proteins and vitamin extract that give your hair the best nutrients. So, in addition to colouring your hair, it gains a shiny and vibrant look at all times.

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