Bella Vita Organic Luxury Perfumes Gift Set for Women, 600ml


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  • Spray the perfume toward your pulse points at a distance of about 12 inches.
  • The Stepping toward the mist in the air each time you spray.
  • Repeat the process until you cover all the desired pulse points like your wrist, back of your knee, neck and underarms.
  • Flaura Woman is the confident, modern woman this signature fragrance  fresh spring blossoms.
  • This gorgeous floral fragrance for women,all-natural, mild and non-allergic aroma.
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Bella Vita Organic Perfumes Gift Set for Women Contains Following Fragrances : Gold Woman is a classy and elegant, fruity fragrance wrapped in seductive scents. This long lasting perfume for women lasts for about 6 to 8 hours and leaves a lasting impression on people around you. The notes of fresh berries and flowers makes it a tempting women perfume at an affordable price.Flaura Woman is the confident, modern woman who flaunts her femininity with this signature fragrance redolent of the fresh spring blossoms. This gorgeous floral fragrance for women is a lovely fusion of floral & fruity blends with a hint of earthiness that makes it sweet but not cloying. Its top notes are of sweet pear and tangy red berries with gardenia & tropical frangipani ruling its heart. The musky, woody base of patchouli balances the sweetness of this delicate floral fruity perfume. A refreshing scent, Flaura Woman, is the right choice for summery days & evenings and is irrefutably one of the best floral perfumes for ladies.

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