Aaram Food Kambu Noodles – 180g (PACK OF 2)

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  • It is rich in iron and protein, two critical nutrients that are missing the most from Indian diets.
  • Horse gram is also rich in dietary fiber, easing constipation and bloating.
  • It also helps to control blood sugar levels making it great for diabetics.
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Organic and high-quality noodles are also a valuable source of nutrients in their own right. They are high in wholesome carbohydrates and also contain B vitamins, some protein, some fiber and other trace elements. Noodles are also naturally low in fat and sugar as they have no added sugar products that cause damaging blood sugar spikes and a craving cycle. Forget sweet meal replacement foods devoid of nutrients and focus on wholesome gluten free instant noodle-based dishes instead for weight loss goals.


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